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Skilpod, Movable living and work spaces


Skilpod is a young company producing mobile living and work spaces in Belgium.

We are focussing on following fields:
- Care
- Work
- Home
- Holiday

But why "Skilpod"?

Skilpod comes from

Skilpad [South african for “Tortoise”]

“Skilpad is the Afrikaans name for a tortoise, and you may well be offered this at a braai. Do not be alarmed. It is not a whole tortoise roasted in its shell. Far from it. There is a delicious vegetarian option – a whole cabbage, with slits half way through it and filled with butter, garlic and spices and cooked in foil over the fire. Never, ever tortoises.” []

A tortoise carries its home on its back

Skill [social - labor - life - people - SKILLS]

Refers to qualities of the Skilpod


Movable space.

Adres: Acaciastraat 17, 2440 Geel
Telefoonnummer: 0032476655546
Stad: Geel
Route: Acaciastraat 17
Postcode: 2440

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